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Crossing the boundaries between sound and music, my creative process starts with the story. I was an in-house sound designer for Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg) for TERMINATOR: DARK FATE, ARMY OF THE DEAD (Netflix) and GODZILLA VS KONG. I continue to work for Junkie XL and other clients creating custom sounds and scores for Film, TV, Trailers and Video Games. 


Audio technology was introduced to me at a young age when I helped my father record and mix music in his studio. My passion for music continued throughout high school where I started several prog rock bands, utilizing synths and processed guitars. 


I studied film production at Simon Fraser University to learn about storytelling, writing and acting, and ended up scoring my own films and all the other student films with synths and processed sounds. By understanding storylines and acting, I am able to convey my sounds through the character arcs, archetypes and emotions to create a sonic world that is part of the story. I then interned for Henry Jackman and Michael Boddicker to learn about the film scoring industry. 


I simultaneously achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Music at Cornish College of the Arts and a Master’s degree at Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program. There were 9 orchestral recording sessions for 9 films within the 10-month Master's program, and experimentation with synths and instruments at the Bachelor's program.


My curiosity to experiment with sounds led me to the world-renown research center, IRCAM where I created a 3D audio installation that utilized 8 speakers and sounds controlled by MaxMSP.


I also know how to create and implement adaptive audio with Wwise, FMOD and Unity and have worked on several VR, AR and video game projects. I have participated in many Hackathons, such as the Microsoft Holohacks Seattle, where my team was awarded “Best Game” for the Hololens

Together we can create new sonic worlds.


Cubase, Logic, VEP, Ableton Live Suite, DP, Kontakt, MaxMSP,

Pro Tools, iZotope RX, Unity, FMOD, Wwise


Gibson Les Paul, Marshall & Mesa Boogie Amps, FX Pedals 

Digital and Analog Synths

FX Units & Mystery Sound Design Boxes


My Custom Made Sample Libraries & Kontakt Instruments

My Field-Recordings & Foley Sessions. 

Orchestral & Specialized Sample Libraries

SFX Libraries

Soft Synths

And many plugins....

When sounds and stories are combined, new worlds are created. 



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