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Crossing the boundaries between sound and music, Steven's creative process starts with the story. As an avid collector and creator of sounds, he has an unconventional approach to music. Steven has collaborated with world-renowned film, TV, and video game composers and musicians. He also  works closely with video game studios to help craft the soundtracks as music producer, additional composer and music editor. 


Steven began his musical journey by starting several prog rock / metal bands, utilizing synths and processed guitars. He studied Philosophy and Psychology and attended the film production program at Simon Fraser University to learn about storytelling, writing, and acting.


WIth a strong inclination to experiment with sounds, Steven studied at research center, IRCAM where he created 3D audio installations (spatial soundscapes) with MaxMSP.


Furthering his education, he received a Bachelor's in Music Composition at Cornish College of the Arts and a Master's degree at Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program to learn how to work with musicians and orchestras. 


Together we can create new sonic worlds.



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