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When sounds and stories are combined, new worlds are created. 

Music technology was introduced to me at a young age when I helped my father record music in his studio. My passion for music continued throughout high school where I started several progressive rock bands, utilizing synths and processed guitars. 


I studied film production at Simon Fraser University to understand the filmmaking process and my role within it. Interning for Henry Jackman at Sacred Tiger Music in LA, scoring films at USC Cinematic Arts, and working with directors in both LA and Seattle was where I found my place in the industry. 


I simultaneously achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Music at Cornish College of the Arts and a Master’s degree at Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program. There were 9 recording sessions for 9 films at Bastyr Chapel & Studio X within a 10 month period. 


During my career I have mastered Cubase, Logic, and DP with VEPro specifically for MIDI mockups. I also have an in-depth knowledge of Pro Tools for recording, mixing and sound design taught to me by Dennis Sands and other top industry professionals. 

My curiosity to experiment with sounds has lead me to interesting places. I studied sound design at the world renown research center, IRCAM, where I created a 3D audio environment that utilized 8 speakers with MaxMSP synth programming. I know how to create adaptive audio with middleware and have worked on several VR, AR and video game titles. I have participated in many Hackathons, such as the Microsoft Holohacks Seattle 2016, where my team was awarded “Best Game” for the Hololens.


My experiences in the music, audio and film industries have provided me the opportunity to help create immersive stories. Together we can create the ultimate story.


Cubase Pro, Logic Pro X, Vienna Ensemble Pro 6, Ableton Live Suite, Kontakt, MaxMSP, Pro Tools, iZotope RX, Unity, FMOD, Wwise & Sibelius


  • iMac Pro + MacBook Pro 

  • Gibson Les Paul, Marshall Amp, Mesa Boogie Amp & various FX Pedals 

  • Access Virus TI, David Smith Instruments Prophet 08 & Tetra




My Custom Made Sample Libraries & Sounds

Orchestral Sample Libraries

Specialized Sample Libraries


SFX Libraries

Waves Plugins

Soundtoys Complete 


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